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Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry

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Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry!

Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry – Am I a #DSS – #Desperate #Spiritual #Seeker? God Help me!

Young ladies of #Canada, are U still trying to live life Ur way? And U’ve run into a really big wall – There seems to be no way out! Yet, Ur worst moment may be God’s opportunity to help U in Ur desperation

Just #AskGod to forgive U + Help U now!
He will, because he truly loves U, just as U are

Pray this Peace + Power Prayer,
and watch God do miracles in Ur life!

Prayer of Peace T Shirt

Young Lady – Are You Truly Happy?

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Young Lady – Are You Truly Happy?

Living the #Toronto multicultural, fast, #selfie lifestyle?

Yet bills and baboon men and women got U desperate! Maybe you’re a #DSS? #Desperate #Spiritual #Seeker? Had Enough of men and women hitting on you, because you’re so cute, cuddly and crazy in debt?

Looking in those great Toronto Bars for a Sugar-Daddy or Momma. Anyone who truly cares for the real you. Had Enough is Enough is Enough!

Try letting God feed your spirit + soul + body daily! Get re-brainwashed to #SurviveWithPower – God’s Way

                     Yell HELP me God!    

Click on the #AllAboutU #Ugame Video in this site. 3 minutes to Save Your Life! We’re praying for you, #ProphetHendrickus of #Ourplace

Ourplace Survive with Power

Desperate Youth – There’s Hope!

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Desperate Youth – There’s Hope!

U’re #Desperate! Alone, no home, no food. Sleeping on a park bench. Are U a #DSS? A #Desperate #Spiritual #Seeker? Enough is Enough is Enough!

If U’re there today, young lady in #Canada or the #USA, there’s hope for U! Only 1 silent HELP me God yell away

#AskGod, in whatever way U believe or do not believe in God. He will help U. Because God loves U – Just as U are

I was there, where U are. Legally homeless, unemployed, family left me, so happy when i found a Lincoln penny on the street. Kind folks left food in a church fridge for me. And Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings we’re great for food for my spirit-soul and shrinking-belly

God was letting me come to my #selfie senses To become a desperate #DSS needing to #SurviveWithPower Sooo, I finally yelled HELP and meant it!

God answered me and slowly taught me how to let God provide my every need – God’s Way by Grace  If U’ve had Enough of Suffering – Yell HELP me God!

And Click on the #AllAboutU  Ugame Video to learn more #AllAboutU and God – To #SurviveWithPower – We’re praying for U right now #ProphetHendrickus of #Ourplace