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Clinton Chaos Coming to USA

ClintonChaos Coming to Ur neighborhood! 

GodSays Hillary Clinton will be the next USA President and  cataclysmic chaos will break out in the world! 

Do U think things in the USA are going totally insane? The worst is yet to come – God will let U + Ur leaders, family, friends and enemies act out Ur heart’s desires of #selfie me first!

God has warned us for thousands of years – He’ll let our human self will bring us to total destruction of our psyche, lifestyle and comfort level … If we let it!

God lets it escalate faster + deeper than ever before! Particularly, now that @HillaryClinton is on her way to becoming   #USA #President + All worldwide financial bubbles are ready to burst!

The time is now – Today – For you to choose to either    #SurviveWithPower God’s Way and Live                                  or Go nuts with the other #selfie me first people and Die!                  

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