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Youth Had Enough? Try God’s Way!

YouthOfOurplace had ENOUGH of the World’s Doubts of Ever Living Ur DREAMS?
Perhaps U, like i was sometime ago, are ready to try living Ur life God’s Way!

All U will be giving up is Ur misery + money-grubbing masters and listening to liars and losers who try to sell U their “free” stuff

Before i woke up, I lived that insecure life – Looking for my “lottery win” to escape the miserable life i had gotten myself and my family into  

No real HOPE – No real DREAM – No real CHANCE  to live my Dream Life now + everyday!

Got to be an alcoholic and another person from the one i hoped to be!

A Happy, Healthy and Wealthy person! Not sacrificing my honesty + home + country!

So, YouthOfOurplace if U too have had  ENOUGH of living the lie  Read more …

Start Ur day TODAY on Ur Road of Ur Dream Destiny Life!

U’ll have to give up some of living life Ur way! And start to practice to #SurviveWithPower every obstacle in Ur life  God’s Way!

Here’s how to START TODAY!
1. #AskGod, in whatever way U believe in God, to #HELLPPP U hear and follow Ur INTUITION?

Ur INTUITION is the Voice of God telling U the next step to take

STOP listening to the “advice” of others! Especially, the so called influencers, leaders, billionaires and other buffoons who try to “sell” their “free” stuff to U to “succeed”

They can NEVER help U because they are not inside U!

Thus, they do not know or understand how U feel, think and need! Or dare to practice something new to bless Ur self in a worthwhile way!

God does know how U feel, think and need! And how U can graciously and easily learn to start living Ur life – his Way worthily!

So #AskGod to #HELPPP U?
It’s that easy to START TODAY!

2. As things come up, Handle Only One Thing at a Time! Enjoy what U are doing!

If U start to get anxious or start thinking of all the other things U still have to do that day  STOP  #AskGod again for his #HELLPPP + DO something that U like doing, that is moral and legal – Like have a bite of Ur favorite food  – Read something good – Go for a walk –  Lie down and rest for a while

God’s Voice – Ur Intuition will again kick in and lead U in Ur next step until U believe U’ve done enough on that activity for that day

It’s called Living Ur Life One Activity at a Time + One Day at a Time!

Worked for me in my alcoholism recovery!
God’s Grace got me sober! God will also help U get over Ur very private or publicly known bad habits  One Habit at a Time + One Day at a Time!

3. As U start to regularly practice God’s Way of Living Ur Dream  Life  One Step + One Day at a Time  EXPECT God to BRING to U people and resources to help U to practice living Ur New Life

They’ll start showing up miraculously! U sometimes, won’t realize they’ve come into Ur New Dream Life until months after they show up

It’s called God’s Grace Gifts to U for living Ur life God’s Way 

One Step + Activity + Day at a Time!

Now at the same time as these New Helpers start showing up, certain of Ur old family, friends, influencers and leaders will start to disappear POOFFF! They’re gone!

Don’t worry about it – It’s part of God’s Plan to eventually surround U with only those who really love + respect + desire to help U BE the PERSON God has CREATED U to BE

So YouthOfOurplace – Interested?
with Ur REAL FAMILY + FRIENDS who will help U BE who U truly ARE!

See U on our Dream Destiny Road of Happy + Healthy + Wealthy Living!  

Ourplace prays and stands ready to help U YouthOfOurplace 

Contact us at

HOMEless in O Canada!

HOMEless in Canada!
Summer is here – Some #HOMEless folks have #SURVIVED the winter – Some have not!

Toronto old homeless man sleeping on sidewalk
Toronto old homeless man sleeping on sidewalk

Are U among the lucky who SURVIVED?
Who have a home? Thank God!

Thank God if U + Urs have a home and are also believers in God!

Because there are 3 kinds of ways to be #HOMEless
YES! … #GodSays U + Urs can BE HOMEless in …

1. Ur SPIRIT … That’s where U believe Ur little #selfie is a god. And Ur joining the lying loser, Ignoramus iSelfus leaders who are getting U to march with #WomenOfWrath and #RenegadesOfRage!

Ignoramus iSelfus Crowd Scene
Ignoramus iSelfus Crowd Scene

2. Ur SOUL … That’s where Ur lording it over Ur #kids, #spouses, #parents, #politicians, #employees, etc.
DO as I SAY … Not as I DO …

Not "lording it" But sharing family dinner with thanks to God!
Not “lording it” But sharing family dinner with thanks to God!

3. Ur BODY … That’s where U and Ur family are truly CAMPING OUT – In a city park or under a viaduct
Because U are truly HOMEless in Ur Spirit + Soul + Body!

"Camping Out" in City Park, with the neighbours walking by.
“Camping Out” in City Park

Sooo … U’ve got a choice to make – today!

Want to continue to believe in Ur selfie or Start to believe in the God who created U + All in Heaven + Earth + Hell ?


Children outside their trailer in Wasagamack First Nation, Canada
Children outside their trailer in Wasagamack First Nation, Canada

Continue to be HOME-less!
Or #AskGod to #HELLPPP U believe + obey him?

And AskGod to help U #Adopt a Homeless Person, who truly needs Ur love + sharing God’s blessings of Ur home!

ArtOfTheDEAL – Trump + Trudeau

ArtOfTheDEAL Trump + Trudeau Canada Style

Now that @realDonaldTrump is the USA POTUS45
we are all going to learn the #ArtOfTheDeal
from #DealerDon + Canada’s #TaxEmTrudeau

#GodSays “Love your neighbor as yourself
and it is better to give than to receive”

Canada the USA’s best neighbour is encouraged by God to love the USA + even #DealerDon #TantrumTrump

And to give DealerDon + the USA great deals
while we #TrustInGod to keep Canada glorious and free

Free from DealerDon and all others wanting
to experience our growing O Canada bountiful blessings illegally

So, all Canadian + U. S. Believers in God
you are encouraged to Pray to God to help
Prime Minister Trudeau to give DealerDon
the “everybody wins” Godly #ArtOfTheDeal

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed via our

Prophet hendrickus WordPress Icon hendrickus7-blog Prophet hendrickus Google Plus Icon Prophet hendrickus Twitter Icon Ourplace YouTube Channel Icon Ourplace God Hand Icon op_instagram_logo_32x32

In the spirit of love + kindness here are a few Ourplace suggestions for Canadian and U. S. folks to Pray for + Participate in + Send to DealerDon and TaxEmTrudeau for our new, improved, social media + media friendly DEALS for Canada and the USA

1. Trudeau puts up the new laser-beam, zap all illegals border-walllaser-beam-border-wall-mobile-png

Trump gets the electric bill + a U. S. super-user discount
on all electricity being bought from Canada

2. Trudeau takes the “N” out of NAFTA, by respectfully saying “NO NAFTA changes Honorable POTUS” Trump keeps the leftover AFTA + moved N – Now called the All Free Trade Action Now (AFTAN) Deal


Thus the new 2017 improved Canada + USA + Mexico AFTAN Fair Trade Deal for our 500 million+ taxem poor and rich citizens in N. A.

3. Trudeau gets free U. S. public housing in the White House for his family + loyal staff. Trump gets free Canadian public housing at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa for his family’s
“escape crisis cottage” in CanadaTT-Residences-mobile-png

After all Trump has the magnificent new Trump International Hotel just down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House for his Trumpific safe house

Remember our “poor” Canadian PM Trudeau is presently living in a cottage on our Governor General’s Estate in Ottawa

And that with 3 beautiful children, marvelous wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, several nannies, RCMP security and various PMO and Privy Council staff to advise, care for, plus protect our very photo-op-savvy PM

As a “Black Friday Deal Maker” our friendly Governor General, David Johnston, our Commander in Chief, may let Trudeau throw in the Govs Horse Guards for Trump family protection + pony ridesgovernor-general-s-horse-guards-Mobile-png

Trump family pony rides in scenic small-town Ottawa and our photo-op Gatineau Hills in Quebec. Where even distressed Americans, can find friendly, French speaking people, who love great food and fun. Joie de vivre folks who take amazing selfie photos with celebrities + up and coming political actorstrump-family-ponyride-mobile-png

So, there you have 3 Ourplace suggestions for all interested Canadian and American neigbours to pray and help our two “world famous” leaders learn the ArtOfTheDeal Canada Style for Trump + Trudeau

Start today, with your prayers + suggestions
1. Send them to Trump at

2. Send them to Trudeau at

3. Add your comments below or Spread your “love gift seeds” into your Social Media Circles to bless Canada + Mexico + USA
with the new improved Trump + Trudeau ArtOfTheDeal Canada Stylecanada-usa-flag-mobile-png

God is watching you!
Plus keeping you Glorious + Free
Just like he has been doing faithfully for his O Canada
now for some 150 years

ProphetHendrickus + Ourplace prays for U

Ignoramus iSelfus Humans in America

Dateline: #Toronto, #Canada #GNN Breaking News

World-renowned, anonymous scientists and anthropologists have discovered a new breed of tribal-humans

They’re calling this new tribal-human breed … Ignoramus iSelfus

Several tribes have been observed sweeping across America, under self-absorbed, demanding leaders

The species is uniquely adapted to #SurvivePowerless in today’s ever-increasing, insane, virtual-reality world. An enhanced, augmented-reality, computer-generated image of the Original Ignoramus iSelfus male is shown in this news release

Note these unique adaptations of this species in the image

1. A four-sided, four predatory-creature head

Featuring a macho-man face at the front, a ravenous-lion head on the right, a gore-em bull head on the left, and a (not visible in this image) screeching-eagle head at the back

This allows the Ignoramus iSelfus to have 360 degree sensing ability to survive in their virtual-reality jungle.They do not miss a threatening-thing or trend in their followers virtual-reality world

2. A large, Unicorn-type, horn out of their forehead – To which is appended a mobile-phone, for broadcasting continuous #selfies to family, friends, thought-leaders and slave-followers

3. Large disc-like earsThese rotate 360 degrees to pick up the slightest, trending-happenings in their “Got to make it happen now man” virtual-reality world

Full bodied Ignoramus iSelfus man - In all his glory
Full bodied Ignoramus iSelfus man – In all his glory

Thus, they can instantly broadcast, survival opinions, likes and dislikes, to their eagerly awaiting hordes of followers in their world wide web of “me-first-followers”

4. An implanted digital, solar-powered watch on left wrist This allows them instant read-outs of whatever goes on both within and outside their#selfies

They totally control their online world for their innate, selfish desires! Plus, instantly; Facebook, Google, Google Plus, Tweet, share, sell or buy more of their craving, useless-stuff

Stuff they need to temporarily #SurvivePowerless. Plus be always ahead of their needy, virtual-reality followers and neighbors

One Ignoramus iSelfus Matrix Maxim is “Love Ur #selfie before U love Ur neighbor + Get their stuff first!”

5. Not shown is the large suction-cup tongue, each Ignoramus iSelfus has

This allows them to instantly “suck up” whatever their “Can’t Get No Satisfaction – Craving of the Moment” is. Before their equally needy and greedy virtual-reality neighbors get theirs!

They acquire such wonderful stuff as; comfort-food and drink, custom-cars, designer-clothes, newest video games, spontaneous trips (shopping or travel), tweets, viral-posts, watches and whatever else their little minds desire to #SurvivePowerless for just one more online, dull-day


Sooo … U reader of this #GNN #Breaking #News on this new tribal-human breed … #Ignoramus #iSelfus, must be wondering where can I meet one of these fascinating new creatures?

Perhaps U may even desire to join one of their tribes with a “Can’t live without our charismatic leader!” pride-parade chant?

Stay tuned to Ur #GNN Breaking News station on this site – More will be revealed soon!