The Tragedy of Just-In Trudeau

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The Tragedy of Just-In Trudeau

#GodSaid to me Attend Just-In Trudeau’s Liberal-Charade at the  PowerAde Coliseum!
I did along with 5,000 others!

God have mercy on Just-In Trudeau, his beautiful wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau,
his lovely three children and all those he is fooling with his Powerless-Promises!

He showed up 1 ½ hours late for his own party!

Freedom of Speech + Freedom of one’s Beliefs + Freedom of one’s Actions
are God-given right in God’s O Canada!

One of the most blessed nations on earth today!
If you do not believe that move to Syria for a while!

However, neither God, nor discerning voters and taxpayers are fooled by a #FreedomLiar!

That, according to God’s Requirements of Loving your Neighbours +
Respecting your Leaders is what little just-in trudeau is
a #FreedomLiar! He is a tragedy in the making!

Fortunately, his tragedy, like Macbeth’s,
is played out in the public political arena!

This sincere, but foolish young man is playing out
this Watch Me Papa-Pierre Final Act!

Fortunately, God is also merciful
and so should the discerning voters and taxpayers
of God’s O Canada be …
Very Merciful … to this #FreedomFool + #FreedomLiar!

Sooo … IF you Love God + Desire to Obey God +
Desire God to continue to Prosper You and Yours +
God’s O Canada + Desire to Vote October 19th

What should you Discerning Canadian Voter DO?

#AskGod to Give You His Suggestions On

1. The Best Person in Your Riding to Support + Vote For!
Not the party! Nor the party leader!

Vote for the most capable person to deliver
the needs of your riding!

2. Daily Praying for God’s O Canada +
Yourself + Yours + Your Neighbours!

3. God to give you the Courage + Conviction + Cash
to #LiveFree in God’s O Canada!

Then watch God bless you + yours +
his #Canada! Beyond your wildest dreams!

Remember, O Believing + Discerning + Taxpaying Canadians
you sing it so proudly every time Canada wins at anything! …
In your Canadian National Anthem!

God Keep Our Land Glorious + Free!

God is doing that, using his Discerning +
Obedient Canadian Children of all ages!

However, as necessary, God also uses the Rebels (against God) +
Mixers (more my way than God’s Way)

God keep our land of Canada Worthy + Free
from the world’s idiots + idols + little gods!
#ProphetHendrickus of #Ourplace