ArtOfTheDEAL – Trump + Trudeau

ArtOfTheDEAL Trump + Trudeau Canada Style

Now that @realDonaldTrump is the USA POTUS45
we are all going to learn the #ArtOfTheDeal
from #DealerDon + Canada’s #TaxEmTrudeau

#GodSays “Love your neighbor as yourself
and it is better to give than to receive”

Canada the USA’s best neighbour is encouraged by God to love the USA + even #DealerDon #TantrumTrump

And to give Dealer-Don + the USA great deals
while we #TrustInGod to keep Canada glorious and free

Free from Dealer-Don and all others wanting
to experience our growing O Canada bountiful blessings illegally

So, all Canadian + U. S. Believers in God
you are encouraged to Pray to God to help
Prime Minister Trudeau to give DealerDon
the “everybody wins” Godly #ArtOfTheDeal

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed via our

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In the spirit of love + kindness here are a few Ourplace suggestions for Canadian and U. S. folks to Pray for + Participate in + Send to #DealerDon and #TaxEmTrudeau for our NEW, IMPROVED  FRIENDLY FAIR DEALS for Canada + USA + Mexico

1. Trudeau puts up the new laser-beam, zap all illegals border-walllaser-beam-border-wall-mobile-png

Trump gets the electric bill + a U. S. #SuperUser Discount
on all electricity being bought from Canada

2. Trudeau takes the “N” out of NAFTA, by respectfully saying “NO unfair NAFTA changes Honorable POTUS!” Trump keeps the leftover AFTA + N – Now called the AFTAN DEAL = All Free Trade Action Now


Thus the new improved Canada + USA + Mexico AFTAN Fair Trade Deal for our 3 countries 500 million+ citizens

3. Trudeau gets free U. S. public housing in the White House for his photo-op family + loyal staff – Trump gets free Canadian public housing at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa for his family’s
“escape crisis cottage” in CanadaTT-Residences-mobile-png

After all Trump has the magnificent new Trump International Hotel just minutes down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House for his Trumpific Safe House

Remember our “poor” Canadian PM Trudeau is presently living in a cottage on our Governor General’s Estate

And that with 3 beautiful children, marvelous wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, several nannies, RCMP security and various PMO and Privy Council staff to advise, care for, plus protect our photo-op-savvy PM

As a “Black Friday Deal Maker” our friendly Governor General, our Commander in Chief, may let Trudeau throw in the Govs Horse Guards for Trump family protection + pony ridesgovernor-general-s-horse-guards-Mobile-png

Trump family pony rides in scenic small-town Ottawa and our photo-op Gatineau Hills in Quebec – Where even distressed Americans, can find friendly, French speaking people, who love great food and fun – REAL JOIE de VIVRE folks who take amazing selfie photos with celebrities + up and coming political actorstrump-family-ponyride-mobile-png

So, there you have 3 Ourplace suggestions for all interested Canadian and American neigbours to pray and help our two “world famous” leaders learn the ArtOfTheDeal Canada Style for Trump + Trudeau

Start today, with your prayers + suggestions
1. Send them to Trump at

2. Send them to Trudeau at

3. Add your comments below or Spread your “love gift seeds” into your Social Media Circles to BLESS Canada + Mexico + USA
with the new improved Trump + Trudeau ArtOfTheDeal Canada Stylecanada-usa-flag-mobile-png

God is watching you!
Plus keeping you Glorious + Free
Just like he has been doing faithfully for his O Canada
now for some 150 years

ProphetHendrickus + Ourplace prays for U

2 thoughts on “ArtOfTheDEAL – Trump + Trudeau”

  1. So a few days to go, when #DealerDon becomes POTUS45 as President of the United States of America. All “expert pundit speculation” will end. And one of the World’s Greatest TV Reality Show begins in America. Remember, #DealerDon coined the phrase #OPM – Other People’s Money and used it to build a “paper real estate empire.” Now he’ll have unlimited OPM, which to DealerDon is like opium. #Canada, let’s be good neighbours to the “tired taxpayers of America.” Let’s pray to God that #TantrumTrump is stopped at our PM Trudeau’s “new faith laser border” from venting his “real Daddy anger” North. Then perhaps we can help our two Southern Neighbours – the USA and Mexico prepare for the EU’s eWW3.

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