Collage of Selfies



So is SELFIE Ur Idol – Ur little God?
Ur whole life – Is it centered on U?

All Ur relationships, whether in real life
or in Ur virtual-reality, social media life
Is it All About U?

If it’s #AllAboutU – Ur in for a sad and tragic life!

God created U for fellowship with others through him!
He created U to be his blessing person for others!
Most importantly to love Ur neighbors as Ur #SELFIE!

Group Selfie of ellen Degenres and Celebrities
Ellen Degenres Group Selfie

Ask any of the Celebrity Pretty People with Hurting Hearts
Ur #IDOLS and those U #FOLLOW religiously?

Maybe they’ll talk to U while busy promoting their SELFIE!
Really talk to U – About U – not their SELFIE stuff
They want U to try or buy or promote for THEM!

ASK THEM? The Celebrity Pretty People with Hurting Hearts:
1. What’s Ur REAL PURPOSE in Ur Life?
2. Where are U REALLY GOING and LEADING me to?
3. Are U REALLY HAPPY when Ur by Ur Selfie?
ASK THEM! Then write down their answers!

U may discover that SELFIE is THEIR IDOL
The #Celebrity #Stars and #Pretty #People with #HurtingHearts!

Drawing Selfie by De Fano
Selfie by De Fano

Now Similary ASK Ur SELFIE the same 3 questions?
1. What’s my REAL PURPOSE in my life?
2. Where am I REALLY GOING and letting myself be LEAD to?
3. Am I REALLY HAPPY when I’m alone by myself?
Furthermore horror of horrors, U may also DISCOVER
That #SELFIE is Ur #IDOL – Ur little god!

NOW … What do U DO?

God and man reaching out with cell phones
God and man cell phoning

Finally Ask God those same 3 questions?
1. God, What’s Ur REAL PURPOSE for my LIFE?
2. God, Where are U GOING and LEADING me to?
3. God, Am I REALLY HAPPY when Ur with me
and I’m by my SELFIE?
Certainly WRITE down God’s ANSWERS to U!
READ them often and PRAY his answers back to God
Furthermore #AskGod also to #HELLPPP U
STOP Ur SELFIE idolization as Ur little god?

Most importantly START Listening to + Obeying
Who has Ur DREAM LIFE already planned out for U!

U’ll find God changes Ur ATTITUDE + ASK + ACTION
At first slowly and surely
Until U are living Ur #DREAM #LIFE every day!

hendrickus of Ourplace in Canada
At #Ourplace we are praying for U
To LIVE Ur DREAM LIFE – God’s Way!

Certainly we expect U to join us in LIVING
God’s #Ugame Dream Life!

All ages living heir #UGame Dream Lfe
Living Ur #UGame Dream Life

Therefore let us know how U are doing
with COMMENTS in this blog
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We’ll continue to pray daily for
Ur specific need in Ur #DreamLife!

SHARE this blog with family and friends!
So that they can join U and us in living
God’s already planned out #DREAMLIFE!

Remember God’s PEACE + POWER + PROSPERITY is Urs!