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Desperate Youth – There Is Hope!

Desperate Youth – There Is Hope! If U are a Desperate Youth alone, no home, no food or sleeping on a park bench. Ur not alone for thousands of youth are desperate and alone!

U may also be a tearful Desperate Spiritual Seeker! For whom enough is Enough is ENOUGH

A Desperate Red Eye of Crying

Therefore if U are a desperate youth without hope in Canada, the USA or any part of the Americas read on because there is hope for U!

Yes Ur only one silent “help me God prayer” away from having God help U get out of Ur place of despair!

Just #AskGod, in whatever way U believe or do not believe in God – To help U get out of Ur desperate situation? God will help U, because God loves U  just as U are!

I was there, where U are! Legally homeless, unemployed, family left me! Happy when i found a Lincoln penny on the street in the USA where i lived. Kind folks left food in a church fridge for me. Above all Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings we’re great for food for my spirit-soul and shrinking-belly

"Camping Out" in City Park, with the neighbours walking by.
Desperate and Homeless “Camping Out” in a City Park

God was letting me come to my #selfie senses To learn that i had become a desperate spiritual seeker who needed to #SurviveWithPower his way! So I finally yelled #HELLPPP me God NOW and meant it!

God answered me and slowly taught me how to let him provide my every need – God’s Way by his grace! If U also have had Enough of Suffering – Yell #HELLPPP me God now!

Desperate Youth Praying Help me God NOW!

Click on the #AllAboutU Ugame Video to learn more about #AllAboutU and God! To learn how to #SurviveWithPower God’s Way every day We’re praying for U right now hendrickus of Ourplace

Young Women asking God in Jesus name
Ourplace Youth Praying for U for God to help U get out of ur desperate place