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Teens get VICTORY over DEPRESSION! In 3 Simple Steps Using God’s Way! As a result Ur DEPRESSION causes all sorts of heavy stress on Ur mind and emotions!

No escape seems possible from all Ur worries over school work, not being good enough for Ur parents and friends, nor satisfying Ur teachers!

Teen Depression and Stress

Ur mind shouts out enough, Enough, ENOUGH! I can’t take it anymore. I need help now! Someone #HELLPPP me please

There is someone who can help U starting today! He loves U and made U – He knows Ur every thought, need and emotion – He’s always ready to get U on the Road of Ur Dream Life!

God helps Teens get VICTORY over DEPRESSION

U guessed it! It’s God – and all it takes is a little bit of Ur faith in God to get U out of DEPRESSION and into Ur DREAMS!

Firstly U Ask God to Help U Stop Being DEPRESSED

U do this by going to God in Ur daily talk with him – Ask him to help U overcome Ur depressing feelings and thoughts? 

Than focus on thinking about the good things in Ur life – Things like loyal friends U can share Ur life with and the successes U have already had

Secondly U keep reminding God to help

U do this by talking to God and thanking him for helping U focus on the good things in Ur life Also share with Ur close friends and family that God is healing U from all of Ur depression

This way U involve them and let them see God’s healing work in U – Thus giving them faith in asking God to help them with their needs

Thirdly, Teens Expect God to Help U Stop Being Depressed

                                Teens with True Friends can get involved in fun stuff

Teens get involved with True Friends They know how to have Godly fun! They can help Teens Get VICTORY over DEPRESSION by getting involved in other people’s fun stuff!

So there U have 3 Simple Steps to let God help U get over Ur depression! Now it is up to U; do U want to be happy and fulfilled in Ur life?

Than #AskGod for help! And ask Ur close family and friends to help U focus on the good things in Ur life everyday?