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Ignoramus iSelfus Humans in America

Ignoramus iSelfus Humans in America Several world-renowned scientists have discovered a new breed of tribal humans 

They call this new tribal human breed the Ignoramus iSelfus Humans in America

Several tribes are observed across the Americas – North, Central and South

Their leaders promote only themselves and are totally self absorbed “follow me” leaders

The Ignoramus iSelfus species is uniquely adapted

It pretends to survive well. Even though it is powerless in today’s ever increasing virtual reality world!

A computer enhanced image of the Original Ignoramus iSelfus male is shown below 

Note these unique adaptations of this species in the image of the Ignoramus iSelfus Human in America

Ignoramus iSelfus America man computer enhanced image

Firstly a four sided predatory head

It features a macho man face front. A ravenous lion head on the right. A gore em bull head on the left and a (not visible in this image) screeching eagle head at the back

This gives the Ignoramus iSelfus  Human man in America 360 degrees scanning ability! Thus they can  survive in their virtual reality jungle!  Plus they do not miss a threatening thing or Twittered trend in their followers virtual reality world

Secondly a large Unicorn-type horn out of his forehead Note the mobile phone for broadcasting continuous selfies to family, friends, thought leaders and followers

Thirdly large disclike ears These also rotate 360 degrees to pick up the slightest trend happenings in their FOMO “Fear Of Missing Out” virtual reality land of the WWW

So they can instantly broadcast their survival opinions, likes and dislikes to their eagerly awaiting follower fans in their WWW of #Me-Too avid followers

Ignoramus iSelfus Human in America close up of key features

Fourthly an implanted digital solar powered watch on wrist This allows the Ignoramus iSelfus man instant read outs of whatever goes on in their #Selfie #World

Thus they totally control their online world for their innate selfish desires!

And on Facebook, Google, Instagram or Twitter they instantly share or sell their good for Ur cravings stuff!

Stuff U may also need to pretend to survive in Ur powerless life. Plus be always ahead of Ur needy neighbors

One Ignoramus iSelfus Matrix Maxim Tweeted by Trump 

“Love Ur #selfie before U love Ur neighbor and let all Mexicans stay home”

The Donald Trump Ignoramus iSelfus in America look

Fifthly not shown is the large suction cup tongue each Ignoramus iSelfus Human in America has

This allows the Ignoramus iSelfus to instantly “suck up” whatever their “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” Crave of the Moment needs

Thus they can have their Crave of the Moment stuff before their equally needy neighbors get theirs!

Consequently the Ignoramus iSelfus Humans in America keep acquiring their great yet easily discarded stuff!

Stuff like comfort food, custom cars, designer clothes, video games,  tweets, viral posts, watches and whatever else they desire to survive for just one more dull day  

So reader of this Breaking News on the newly discovered tribal breed of Ignoramus iSelfus Humans

If U wonder where U can meet one of these new Ignoramus iSelfus creatures and their groupies?

Ignoramus iSelfus Humans in America rallying together

Check Ur latest Trump or Trudeau Tweets! Perhaps U can join one of their tribal rallies with Ur “Can’t live without my cute charismatic leader chant!” 

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