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So is SELFIE Ur Idol – Ur little God?
Ur whole life – Is it centered on U?

All Ur relationships, whether in real life
or in Ur virtual-reality, social media life
Is it All About U?

If it’s #AllAboutU – Ur in for a sad and tragic life!

God created U for fellowship with others through him!
He created U to be his blessing person for others!
Most importantly to love Ur neighbors as Ur #SELFIE!

Group Selfie of ellen Degenres and Celebrities
Ellen Degenres Group Selfie

Ask any of the Celebrity Pretty People with Hurting Hearts
Ur #IDOLS and those U #FOLLOW religiously?

Maybe they’ll talk to U while busy promoting their SELFIE!
Really talk to U – About U – not their SELFIE stuff
They want U to try or buy or promote for THEM!

ASK THEM? The Celebrity Pretty People with Hurting Hearts:
1. What’s Ur REAL PURPOSE in Ur Life?
2. Where are U REALLY GOING and LEADING me to?
3. Are U REALLY HAPPY when Ur by Ur Selfie?
ASK THEM! Then write down their answers!

U may discover that SELFIE is THEIR IDOL
The #Celebrity #Stars and #Pretty #People with #HurtingHearts!

Drawing Selfie by De Fano
Selfie by De Fano

Now Similary ASK Ur SELFIE the same 3 questions?
1. What’s my REAL PURPOSE in my life?
2. Where am I REALLY GOING and letting myself be LEAD to?
3. Am I REALLY HAPPY when I’m alone by myself?
Furthermore horror of horrors, U may also DISCOVER
That #SELFIE is Ur #IDOL – Ur little god!

NOW … What do U DO?

God and man reaching out with cell phones
God and man cell phoning

Finally Ask God those same 3 questions?
1. God, What’s Ur REAL PURPOSE for my LIFE?
2. God, Where are U GOING and LEADING me to?
3. God, Am I REALLY HAPPY when Ur with me
and I’m by my SELFIE?
Certainly WRITE down God’s ANSWERS to U!
READ them often and PRAY his answers back to God
Furthermore #AskGod also to #HELLPPP U
STOP Ur SELFIE idolization as Ur little god?

Most importantly START Listening to + Obeying
Who has Ur DREAM LIFE already planned out for U!

U’ll find God changes Ur ATTITUDE + ASK + ACTION
At first slowly and surely
Until U are living Ur #DREAM #LIFE every day!

hendrickus of Ourplace in Canada
At #Ourplace we are praying for U
To LIVE Ur DREAM LIFE – God’s Way!

Certainly we expect U to join us in LIVING
God’s #Ugame Dream Life!

All ages living heir #UGame Dream Lfe
Living Ur #UGame Dream Life

Therefore let us know how U are doing
with COMMENTS in this blog
or email us at hendrickus@gmail.com

We’ll continue to pray daily for
Ur specific need in Ur #DreamLife!

SHARE this blog with family and friends!
So that they can join U and us in living
God’s already planned out #DREAMLIFE!

Remember God’s PEACE + POWER + PROSPERITY is Urs!

What Is Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence Today?

Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence Today – Overcome It!

At #Ourplace we’re desirous of helping young people discover their dream! To start their Dream Journey today; one step at a time, focused on their dream

Experience has taught us Older Dreamers, that usually a Crisis of Confidence, enters the process of discovering + living Ur dream early in Ur life

This Crisis of Confidence can originate from; parents, spouses, money, lack of right job, debt or any number of other imagined or actual crisis influences

Yet, most of us, Young and Old Dreamers alike, know in our gut what our dream is and what we need to sacrifice to get there, sooner rather than later in our life

So, how do U identify + overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence today?
Three suggested steps to try:
1. Take time to write out Ur Dream, and what is holding U back today?

2. Decide several simple steps U can start on today to overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence and start taking the steps towards Ur Dream

3. Find a power greater than Ur self who U can trust in + who’ll help U start taking those “baby steps” towards Ur dream. This power greater than Ur self can be Ur faith, or someone who’s living Ur dream (and will spend time with U on Ur Dream Journey to help), or perhaps an article or book, wherein Ur “baby steps” are described (by someone who practices what they preach)

Dream BIG Young People and Reach for Ur Dream
Young People Reach for Ur Dream

That’s it, Young Dreamers!
I’m praying for U + will hear about U and meet U in #DreamRealityLand, hendrickus of Ourplace