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YOUTH Are U Puzzled By Ur MORALS?

YOUTH are U puzzled by Ur MORALS?
As a result, youth are U puzzled by what is morally wrong and morally right?
For example when U see leaders like Trump or Trudeau “trick and treat” U to believe that they always know what is best for U !

Justin Trudeau greets Muslim youth

So why not ASK the ORIGINATOR of MORALS?
And get Ur morals from the author’s mouth?

Youth reaching to God for Moral Leadership

So ask God youth when Ur puzzled by Ur MORALS to help U every time U need to CHOOSE right from wrong?

God which next step is RIGHT for me? HELP me NOW to do what is morally right!
I really do not like SUFFERING needlessly with bad morals!

Help me, even in the smallest things, to do Ur Morally Right Thing

Than I’ll learn to also do what is morally right in the big things of my life!

Thank U God! That I can trust U to help me to do what is morally right every time!

I’ll try Ur morals today!

What’s Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence Today?

What’s Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence Today? And consequently how do U overcome it? At Ourplace we desire to help teens discover their dream life early! To start Ur Dream Journey today – One step at a time!

Whatever U do Ur the only U on earth
Overcome U Crisis of Confidence – Discover Ur Dream

When U start to be focused on overcoming Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence and living U dream life!

Experience has taught us that usually Ur Crisis of Confidence enters the process of discovering and living Ur dream life

This Crisis of Confidence can originate from; parents, lack of money, poor school results, debt or any number of other imagined or actual  influences

Crisis of Confidence Student Debt

Yet, most of us know in our gut what our dream is and what we need to sacrifice to get there That is to say discover our Dream Life sooner rather than later in our life

So, how do U identify + overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence today?

Three suggested steps to try:

Firstly take time to write out Ur Dream and what dilemma is holding U back?

Write out Ur Steps to ACT

Secondly get into ACTION and decide the first simple steps U can start on today to overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence and live Ur dream

Thirdly find a power greater than Ur self who U can trust and who’ll help U start taking those first “baby steps” towards Ur dream

Faith gives U a Power Greater than Ur self to overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence

This power greater than Ur self can be Ur faith, or someone who’s living Ur dream and who will spend time with U on Ur Dream Journey!

Or perhaps an article or book wherein Ur first steps are described by someone who practices what they talk about

Selfie Ur Idol Teenagers Have Fun
Young Dreamers Overcoming their Crisis of Confidence

That’s it, Young Dreamers!
At Ourplace we’re praying for U and hope U’ll join us in living Ur Dream Life today and everyday! See U in God’s Dream Reality Land hendrickus of Ourplace

Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry?

Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry? God willing young lady that is NOT U! Yet, U may know someone who suffers one of these  disasters of life!

Pregnant Teen talked about by friends

Teen Pregnancy Happens

Sometimes to the most innocent young teenagers  through just one mistake of giving in to temptation! A temptation with a lifetime of consequences for the teen and the baby!

Similarly Homelessness Happens

Pregnant. Homeless and Hungry Teen

Consequently another teenager is caught in the trap of homelessness, as well as being pregnant! Thus very hungry for the dreamed of blessings of life – Such as true friends and family who support her in her growing up years!

Where Can She Turn for Help?

Firstly she can turn to God who loves her very much and knows her situation and every need!

She can do so in prayer and asking God to forgive her for her mistakes!  Above all to now help her take the right steps to get back to a life of worthiness and blessings

Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry Teenager Praying for Forgiveness

Secondly she can take courage and reach out to her parents to help her deal with her situation – one step at a time – each day – at home!

Previously homeless teen comforted by her Mom

Thirdly she can get back into a regular teenager’s lifestyle – with school, family and friends to help her cope with and overcome her past experiences!

Knowing that God is watching over her and as she continually asks God for his help? He’ll lead her to fulfil her life with worthy blessings!

At Ourplace we continue to pray for U and Urs that U may all experience the blessed Godly life

The Youth of Ourplace Praying for U and Urs



Desperate Youth – There Is Hope!

Desperate Youth – There Is Hope! If U are a Desperate Youth alone, no home, no food or sleeping on a park bench. Ur not alone for thousands of youth are desperate and alone!

U may also be a tearful Desperate Spiritual Seeker! For whom enough is Enough is ENOUGH

A Desperate Red Eye of Crying

Therefore if U are a desperate youth without hope in Canada, the USA or any part of the Americas read on because there is hope for U!

Yes Ur only one silent “help me God prayer” away from having God help U get out of Ur place of despair!

Just #AskGod, in whatever way U believe or do not believe in God – To help U get out of Ur desperate situation? God will help U, because God loves U  just as U are!

I was there, where U are! Legally homeless, unemployed, family left me! Happy when i found a Lincoln penny on the street in the USA where i lived. Kind folks left food in a church fridge for me. Above all Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings we’re great for food for my spirit-soul and shrinking-belly

"Camping Out" in City Park, with the neighbours walking by.
Desperate and Homeless “Camping Out” in a City Park

God was letting me come to my #selfie senses To learn that i had become a desperate spiritual seeker who needed to #SurviveWithPower his way! So I finally yelled #HELLPPP me God NOW and meant it!

God answered me and slowly taught me how to let him provide my every need – God’s Way by his grace! If U also have had Enough of Suffering – Yell #HELLPPP me God now!

Desperate Youth Praying Help me God NOW!

Click on the #AllAboutU Ugame Video to learn more about #AllAboutU and God! To learn how to #SurviveWithPower God’s Way every day We’re praying for U right now hendrickus of Ourplace

Young Women asking God in Jesus name
Ourplace Youth Praying for U for God to help U get out of ur desperate place