Teens Peer pressure

Teens Peer Pressure shapes the lives of most young adults

Teen Peer Pressure impacts teenagers every day

Teens Peer Pressure motivates members of its group to conform to the Group’s Standards of Living. It can lead to both very negative feelings and actions, as well as, positive ones! It’s up to the individuals in their group to decide what is and is not acceptable to them as a person!

Often times Teens Peer Pressure results in sadness to members of its group

Often times Teens Peer Pressure results in sadness to members of its group! Resulting in silent depression and unwilling conformity

Conforming but angry, rebellious teenagers

Though teenagers in a particular group conform to that group’s attitudes, actions or dress code they carry much anger towards others  outside their group; particularly parents or teachers! 

Each individual can choose to conform or not

Teens in joyful group action

Obviously, teens can also motivate their group to participate in positive group actions! Like the ever present thumbs up sign – To indicate that things are going well with them!

Teens pressuring those who dress different from their group

Choose to accept all as individuals worthy of respect

Thus the choice belongs to each group’s members! Particularly its leaders – Whether teens of different cultures feel accepted or rejected!

Teens can learn to accept each other regardless of culture or color

So teens can learn to accept each other regardless of their color, culture or community traditions! To love each other as children of God! The Creator of all beautiful things on his earth

God’s earth spiced with beauty like this Lake in  Coron Island

God the Creator of lakes, oceans, rivers, sunrises, sunsets and even we little human beings! Who think we are in “control” of the earth and our own tiny, socially active lives!

Teenagers and Young Adults always follow Ur DREAMS

Teenagers and Young Adults should always follow their DREAMS! They are God given to each one because God knows Ur ideal life! And wants U to fulfil Ur DREAM during Ur lifetime on his earth!

Young adults enjoying life in a crowd

So teens and young adults, it’s Ur choice! To accept Ur true self for who U are – A child of God! And find Ur True Peer Group! Who will let U be the REAL U – tolerant + accepting of all Ur Godly friends and neighbors. Choose to love + respect all U live Ur life with.

Teens reaching for their DREAMS in the sky

Thus teens and young adults the CHOICE is Urs! Choose Ur Peer Group who accepts U for who U are! And who share and help U live Ur DREAMS! Ourplace in Canada is such a group! Who accepts + helps U believe in Ur TRUE SELF – Plus freely shares our God given time + talents + treasure to those who ASK God to help them LIVE their DREAM LIFE!

Come and join Ourplace and LIVE Ur DREAM LIFE today!