Young Lady – Are You Truly Happy?

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Young Lady – Are You Truly Happy?

Living the #Toronto multicultural – fast – #selfie lifestyle

Yet bills – self-absorbed men and women got U in #debt + #desperate    Maybe you’re a #DSS – Desperate Spiritual Seeker – Looking for Hope + True Happiness

 Had Enough of men + women hitting on U – Cause you’re so cuddly cute while in debt morally and in money

Still looking in Ur favorite Bars for a Sugar-Daddy or Momma – Just anyone who truly cares for the real you 

 Had Enough is Enough is Enough!

Try letting God feed your spirit + soul + body daily!

Get re-brainwashed to #SurviveWithPower  God’s Way

Yell #HELLPPP me God!

Click on this #AllAboutU #Ugame Video link

3 minutes to Save Your Life!

We’re praying for you, #ProphetHendrickus of #Ourplace

Ourplace Survive with Power

4 thoughts on “Young Lady – Are You Truly Happy?”

  1. Thank you #ProphetHendrickus! Please keep posting valuable insight to help people get better.

    God Bless!

  2. Thank God for helping us to make this site Mobile User Friendly (MUF) for all people needing God’s help.

  3. Young Lady – Are You Truly Happy? Some people like their life because it’s going to plan, some feel like they’ve had a raw deal, while others accept whatever fate throws at them …!?

  4. Much has happened in Canada and Toronto in 5 months. Activities most of us would not have believed, if we were told it in August 2016. So, the question for each of us is … “Are you truly happier today than 5 months ago?” If the answer is YES … Keep improving what you’re doing! If the answer is NO … Perhaps today may be a good time to #AskGod, as you understand him, to help you get started to #SurviveWithpower – God’s Way? To Let Go and Let God run your life. It’s #GbG

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