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What’s Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence Today?

What’s Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence Today? And consequently how do U overcome it? At Ourplace we desire to help teens discover their dream life early! To start Ur Dream Journey today – One step at a time!

Whatever U do Ur the only U on earth
Overcome U Crisis of Confidence – Discover Ur Dream

When U start to be focused on overcoming Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence and living U dream life!

Experience has taught us that usually Ur Crisis of Confidence enters the process of discovering and living Ur dream life

This Crisis of Confidence can originate from; parents, lack of money, poor school results, debt or any number of other imagined or actual  influences

Crisis of Confidence Student Debt

Yet, most of us know in our gut what our dream is and what we need to sacrifice to get there That is to say discover our Dream Life sooner rather than later in our life

So, how do U identify + overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence today?

Three suggested steps to try:

Firstly take time to write out Ur Dream and what dilemma is holding U back?

Write out Ur Steps to ACT

Secondly get into ACTION and decide the first simple steps U can start on today to overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence and live Ur dream

Thirdly find a power greater than Ur self who U can trust and who’ll help U start taking those first “baby steps” towards Ur dream

Faith gives U a Power Greater than Ur self to overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence

This power greater than Ur self can be Ur faith, or someone who’s living Ur dream and who will spend time with U on Ur Dream Journey!

Or perhaps an article or book wherein Ur first steps are described by someone who practices what they talk about

Selfie Ur Idol Teenagers Have Fun
Young Dreamers Overcoming their Crisis of Confidence

That’s it, Young Dreamers!
At Ourplace we’re praying for U and hope U’ll join us in living Ur Dream Life today and everyday! See U in God’s Dream Reality Land hendrickus of Ourplace

Homeless Bay Street Brokers Entertain Toronto

Homeless Bay Street Brokers Entertain Toronto

God hates greed and self-serving people of all cultures and professions. Therefore the self serving Bay Street Brokers (Canada’s Wall Streeters) may eventually be homeless and entertain Canada on the streets of Toronto and its other major cities for food!

Homeless Bay Street Broker with his shopping cart

Yet God desires All Peoples to Turn to Him to Live a Selfless Life Serving Others

Consequently God reaches out daily to all in Canada and other Nations to turn to him to be blessed superabundantly to share their wealth!

To live God’s Ugame of Life – God’s Way! Even self-serving Bay and Wall Street Brokers

People Living their #UGame Dream Life
Live Ur UGame Dream Life Bay and Wall Street Brokers and All Peoples

How Do U Live God’s Ugame of Life?

Firstly U ask God to help U and Urs to show U how to live God’s Ugame of Life everyday?

U do this by taking time each day to listen to God – To cast over to him Ur daily cares!

Old Bay Street Broker Reflecting on God’s Promises

Secondly U ask God to help U believe God’s Plans for his world and specifically Canada?

U expect God to show U his signs and results over time of God’d unfolding plans for his earth!

Canada Kids Map with Adult Debt
God’s Plans for Canada

Thirdly U share God’s benefits to U and Urs with others who are less fortunate and have not yet learned to ask God for themselves!

For those of us living in Canada here is a Proclamation God gave to Canada in 2005 to show how he was going to especially bless Canada to share with the world!

It’s Called 7 Canada Shaking Promises from God! Prayerfully read it and ask God to help U believe it and build Ur lives on it being done?
7 Canada Shaking Promises-from-God

Ourplace continues to pray for U and Urs! This includes Bay and Wall Street Brokers, that all may believe God and live a blessed Ugame life!