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Loneliness How to Stop Suffering

Loneliness – How to STOP suffering loneliness -Especially teenagers! Is that what U need right now?

Because, there is a Way to STOP suffering Ur loneliness. And loneliness is one of the deadliest silent diseases! Especially if Ur a teenager or young adult suffering in Ur busy social life! With all its academic, financial and social media pressures!

Interested? Read on! And get help in Ur Loneliness How to STOP Suffering!

It’s going to take Ur faith + prayers + belief + practice  READY?

Firstly Ur FAITH in God

That’s right it’s going to take FAITH in God to get rid of Ur loneliness!

U need to Ask God, as U understand God, to give U FAITH?

FAITH that God desires to and will remove Ur feelings of loneliness How to stop suffering! And replace them with a sense of always being in God’s PRESENCE and his very ready HELP to get U through any situation U face!

Specifically, U need to ask God to help U believe in Jesus Christ!

Here’s why? God uses Jesus Christ to take away all the consequences of Ur sins and Ur diseases, including loneliness! Because God forgives U in Jesus Christ … Therefore accept God’s gracious gift of Jesus Christ’s payment for Ur sins and diseases!

Jesus pointing us up to God our Protector

Secondly Ur PRAYERS to God

Don’t worry about how all this works or how God does it! Just PRAY to God! Ask God to help U believe in and accept Jesus Christ, as Ur Saviour and Lord? God’s grace will do the rest and continue to teach U how to practice it daily in Ur life!

God and U, via Christ, will work out Ur FAITH in Christ! Because Ur daily prayers are heard and answered by God! He’ll help U continue to improve Ur health! Plus he’ll help U to stop feeling alone in Ur life!

young man looking for God’s help in life

Thirdly BELIEVE in God via Jesus Christ

Because God, via Jesus Christ who’s spirit comes to dwell within U, will daily help U to continue to grow in Ur BELIEF in Jesus Christ! U’ll continue to  experience more of God’s blessings via Christ in Ur own life!

God even Guarantees his Promises in Christ, by also giving U graciously God’s Holy Spirit to dwell within U. God’s Holy Spirit will teach U all things in living God’s superabundant life in every area of Ur life! Especially, Ur loneliness How to stop suffering loneliness!

Christ in U Baptises U with God’s Holy Spirit


God via Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit in U will continually help U to practice and grow in Ur FAITH in God! Because God desires U to be his ambassador to those around U within Ur family and friends!

As they, who have known U best, see Ur life becoming more joyful, peaceful, and protected, with Ur loneliness disease being fully gone; they’ll want to know Ur secret!

U can then share Ur personal experiences, by Ur faith + belief in God, via Jesus Christ. Sharing Ur personal experiences plus the positive changes in U, which they can see for themselves, will help them to try their faith in Jesus Christ to also reap the same blessings in their lives!

 U can then practice Ur common FAITH + BELIEF in God via Jesus Christ in Ur daily lives together. Plus praying for each other and freely sharing Ur God given resources of time + talent + treasure as each has need!

Fifthly IMPROVE the world – Begin with Ur SELF

By beginning to let God improve U first, U’ll start to experience how God can use U to IMPROVE Ur family, friends, neighbours and  Ur world !

U’ll start to use God’s gracious, unlimited resources in the universe to help U live a joyful and blessed life! As well as help Ur family and friends

We at Ourplace are continually learning how God blesses his Believers in God, via Jesus Christ! To live our Dream Life today! We’re praying for U + Urs to join us in God’s benefits!

Joyful teenagers with their parents

So Lastly – Come Join Us in Living Ur Dream Life

U can do so by joining us in sharing Ur Dream Life experiences with God! Plus sharing in Ur comments below how U feel after reading this blog! Furthermore U can share this blog by clicking on the Share Button below and using Ur favourite social media to let others know!

That God helps Loneliness – How to STOP suffering! Plus God helps U who ask for help in every other way of Ur life – To live without stress daily!


Dream Life HELP

Dream Life HELP is available for YOUTH

Are U like most of us young people in the Americas still figuring out what Ur DREAM LIFE HELP looks like + how to START to use it TODAY?

Here’s a PROVEN WAY for Ur DREAM LIFE HELP! It takes  PRAYER + PRACTICE + PLAY, but pays off in BENEFITS beyond Ur wildest dreams.

youth praying outside
youth praying


PRAY – ASK God in Jesus’ name to: 1. Help me figure out my  DREAM LIFE HELP + 2. Provide me an opportunity to PRACTICE to live my DREAM LIFE HELP + 3. Provide me Ur RESOURCES to PLAY out my DREAM LIFE HELP?

The KEY here is to ASK GOD consistently in JESUS’ NAME?

Then we’ll be asking God in the name God pays most attention to. The NAME of JESUS. The only one to FREELY PAY God’s PRICE to HELP us LIVE our DREAMS.

Let’s not get hung up right now on the JESUS STUFF! What we believe or do not believe. God and U will figure that out in due time.

The KEY to START on our DREAM LIFE HELP is to regularly  PRAY and ASK God, in JESUS’ NAME, to HELP us LIVE our DREAM LIFE?

Celebrating Practice in Team Work
Canadian Women Soccer Team Celebrates


Then we’ll be able to PRACTICE living our Dream Life! By using the opportunity that comes to us to help others and be supported in our work and life’s needs.

It’s that SIMPLE.  ASK GOD in JESUS’ name consistently! And keep experiencing God’s provision of opportunities for us to PRACTICE living our Dream Life Help from God.

As we consistently ASK in PRAYER in Jesus’ name + PRACTICE our Dream Life Help, God starts to teach us how to put FUN into our everyday living. Thus we learn to PLAY at LIVING our DREAM LIFE!

Have fun and play in Ur daily life
Youth having positive fun in their lives


We learn to overcome daily challenges more easily, with more sunny than dark days in our life. LIFE becomes more FUN, letting us actually PLAY at living our DREAM LIFE.

All of us young people need  to have HOPE + OPPORTUNITY to BELIEVE that: 1. We can live our DREAMS + 2. HELP OTHERS + 3. Make a POSITIVE difference in our world.

That’s God’s PLAN for us all. He merely asks us that we let him HELP us LIVE our DREAM LIFE PLAN? That we ASK his help in the name of Jesus + PRACTICE living our life God’s Way, while helping others as we learn to PLAY out our God given dream lives.

It is that SIMPLE – So let’s TRY IT TODAY – Let’s PRAY + PRACTICE + PLAY our DREAM LIFE, God’s Way!

hendrickus of Ourplace in Toronto, Canada

At Ourplace in Toronto, Canada we continue to PRAY + PRACTICE + PLAY out our DREAM LIVES – We also PRAY that U too will START TODAY and every day to experience Ur DREAM LIFE HELP and BENEFITS from God.

God’s PEACE + POWER + PROSPERITY for U + Urs! 


Youth of Ourplace What’s Ur LIFE’s PURPOSE?
What are U really PASSIONATE about these days?
How are U going to help Ur Selfie, Country, World?

If U do NOT yet have answers to these 3 LIFE SAVING questions
that’s okay. However, the quicker U get Ur answers
the better + healthier + wealthier Ur LIFE will be!

Let’s talk about how U get answers to

It’s cool these days to follow #LEADERS
on Facebook, Twitter Instagram Snapchat, Google Plus
and other Social Media!

We’re all tweeting, posting and talking about
our latest stuff and WHO WE FOLLOW

The many Social Media young people use to reach out! to family and friends
Many Social Media used by Young People to reach out!

Tweeting and talking about; climate change
governments, football, housing, jobs, money
native rights, news, positive change, poverty
religious riots, just plain riots, RocketMan, security
sexual harassment, soccer, travel, Trump, Trudeau
wars, weather storms, or women’s rights

To mention a few topics our news and social media
are overflowing with each minute!

Yet how does all that tweeting + talking
Help U #HELLPPP Ur #selfie #country and Ur #World?

It does NOT help anyone – even U!

young girl reflecting on her life’s purpose

WHAT Ur PURPOSE in LIFE truly is?

That U truly know U are being that U!

who can help U LIVE that WORTHY LIFE TODAY!

A LIFE of health + happiness + wealth!

Those needy folks suffering in all their stuff
U are so busy tweeting and talking about!
Homeless Group of Young People

Makes sense – Doesn’t it?

If U aren’t yet living in peace + prosperity
from all the bad stuff going on in Ur life + town
WHO can U TRULY HELP?  Who will respect, listen to  and take Ur help?

So, we’re back to U Discovering Ur PASSION + PURPOSE in Ur LIFE!
and to START LIVING that each day a little better

Ready to DISCOVER the REAL U – NOW?

Here are 3 Simple Steps to DO!

These are LIFE-TESTED by folks who have gone before U
down the same ROAD U are NOW Walking on!

That’s it – It’s that easy!

But it will take Ur commitment to DO ALL 3 DAILY!
To eventually BE the REAL U

Here are the details of these 3 STEPS

Young woman praying at her bed
1. PRAY! U can pick whatever God U want to!
However, if U are going to get a God
make certain U get the best God available
Here’s how! I did it in the 1980s in sunny Naples, Florida

I simply prayed like this “God, if U are the best God
of all the little gods i know, HELP me get out of all
my misery + BE the REAL ME U’ve created me to BE
Prove it in my LIFE  – EVERYDAY!”

That’s the first serious prayer i made to God!
He started helping me, about one week later

In Naples, in the 1980s we only had one mall – Coastland Mall
From November to April Season U could’nt get
a parking spot in Coastland Mall very easily

So i asked my presumed biggest + best God
to easily get me a parking spot in Coastland Mall
when i had to get something there for my wife

I won’t bore U with all the “exciting details”
But i can truly testify that this biggest + best God
of all the little gods got me a parking spot at Coastland Mall
for my little red Mercedes Benz sports car

Thus, i have been asking this new found best God
trustingly ever since – for the last 30+ years
to #HELLPPP little me with all my needs

He’s been faithful thus far!

Though at times it’s not easy to wait for his stuff to come in God’s Way!

That’s STEP #1 – #PRAY to Ur best God
Here’s a secret, i’ll share with U!

This God waits for U to ASK for his HELP!
To show U what he can DO with Ur LIFE’s PURPOSE!



Thus, U’ve got to ASK Ur new found God
to #HELLPPP U PRACTICE every day 
until U become good at it in every part of Ur LIFE!

This is the hardest part of the 3 STEPS
More times than not, U’ll get discouraged, believe U’ll never do it God’s Way!

Turn those feelings over to God instantly!
Say something like ” YOP God, here i go again!
I just don’t believe U can DO it for me
Plus, i’m tired of messing up again
There must be an easier softer way than Ur Way”

“Okay God, i’m going to eat something good
like a Snickers chocolate bar or Starbucks Coffee

Than #HELLPPP me DO IT – Ur Way!”

Believe me PRAYER like that works with this biggest + best God
Everytime – Just TRY IT for Ur selfie!

Now U are ready for STEP #3 – PLAY!

That’s where U PLAY the change in Ur LIFE! 

Here’s how it works!

First thing when U get up in the morning
DO NOT CHECK! Ur cell phone or emails!

 Also DO NOT go to the bathroom
brush Ur teeth, pick Ur pimples or such selfie stuff!

NO! … NO! … NO!
If U do any of these things
The devil has U already working again for him
(YESSS Ladies – the devil is masculine)

What U DO – DO – DO!
Is get on Ur knees beside or on Ur bed
and PRAY something like this
“YOP biggest God of all little gods me again!
Can U #HELLPPP me please PLAY my LIFE’s PURPOSE TODAY – Ur Way!

Young Man PRAYING on his Bed 1st Thing
#HELLPPP me to know when i’m straying off Ur Heavenly Highway
Getting in my old familiar habits again!
Thank U! I look forward to PLAYING my LIFE’s PURPOSE 
TODAY – Ur Way – Plus being a WINNER again”

That’s how U pray to God BEFORE U DO
anything else Ur old habits will get U into again – All the World’s and  all of the World Wide Web’s trivial pursuits


It’s that easy with God!

U are God’s Masterpiece in U TODAY + FOREVER


To BE God’s Masterpiece! 

Let #Ourplace know how U are doing?
And how we can help U + Urs 
LIVE Ur New LIFE – God’s Way?

SHARE Ur thoughts, experiences and likes
with Ur family + friends and leaders!

Everyone loves to follow

Godly healthy and wealthy leaders!