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What Is Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence Today?

Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence Today – Overcome It!

At #Ourplace we’re desirous of helping young people discover their dream! To start their Dream Journey today; one step at a time, focused on their dream

Experience has taught us Older Dreamers, that usually a Crisis of Confidence, enters the process of discovering + living Ur dream early in Ur life

This Crisis of Confidence can originate from; parents, spouses, money, lack of right job, debt or any number of other imagined or actual crisis influences

Yet, most of us, Young and Old Dreamers alike, know in our gut what our dream is and what we need to sacrifice to get there, sooner rather than later in our life

So, how do U identify + overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence today?
Three suggested steps to try:
1. Take time to write out Ur Dream, and what is holding U back today?

2. Decide several simple steps U can start on today to overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence and start taking the steps towards Ur Dream

3. Find a power greater than Ur self who U can trust in + who’ll help U start taking those “baby steps” towards Ur dream. This power greater than Ur self can be Ur faith, or someone who’s living Ur dream (and will spend time with U on Ur Dream Journey to help), or perhaps an article or book, wherein Ur “baby steps” are described (by someone who practices what they preach)

Dream BIG Young People and Reach for Ur Dream
Young People Reach for Ur Dream

That’s it, Young Dreamers!
I’m praying for U + will hear about U and meet U in #DreamRealityLand, hendrickus of Ourplace

Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry

hendrickusofourplace GOD COMMENTS 

Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry!

Pregnant, Homeless and Hungry – Am I a #DSS – #Desperate #Spiritual #Seeker? God Help me!

Young ladies of #Canada, are U still trying to live life Ur way? And U’ve run into a really big wall – There seems to be no way out! Yet, Ur worst moment may be God’s opportunity to help U in Ur desperation

Just #AskGod to forgive U + Help U now!
He will, because he truly loves U, just as U are

Pray this Peace + Power Prayer,
and watch God do miracles in Ur life!

Prayer of Peace T Shirt

Young Lady – Are You Truly Happy?

hendrickusofourplace GOD COMMENTS

Young Lady – Are You Truly Happy?

Living the #Toronto multicultural, fast, #selfie lifestyle?

Yet bills and baboon men and women got U desperate! Maybe you’re a #DSS? #Desperate #Spiritual #Seeker? Had Enough of men and women hitting on you, because you’re so cute, cuddly and crazy in debt?

Looking in those great Toronto Bars for a Sugar-Daddy or Momma. Anyone who truly cares for the real you. Had Enough is Enough is Enough!

Try letting God feed your spirit + soul + body daily! Get re-brainwashed to #SurviveWithPower – God’s Way

                     Yell HELP me God!    

Click on the #AllAboutU #Ugame Video in this site. 3 minutes to Save Your Life! We’re praying for you, #ProphetHendrickus of #Ourplace

Ourplace Survive with Power

Desperate Youth – There’s Hope!

hendrickusofourplace GOD COMMENTS

Desperate Youth – There’s Hope!

U’re #Desperate! Alone, no home, no food. Sleeping on a park bench. Are U a #DSS? A #Desperate #Spiritual #Seeker? Enough is Enough is Enough!

If U’re there today, young lady in #Canada or the #USA, there’s hope for U! Only 1 silent HELP me God yell away

#AskGod, in whatever way U believe or do not believe in God. He will help U. Because God loves U – Just as U are

I was there, where U are. Legally homeless, unemployed, family left me, so happy when i found a Lincoln penny on the street. Kind folks left food in a church fridge for me. And Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings we’re great for food for my spirit-soul and shrinking-belly

God was letting me come to my #selfie senses To become a desperate #DSS needing to #SurviveWithPower Sooo, I finally yelled HELP and meant it!

God answered me and slowly taught me how to let God provide my every need – God’s Way by Grace  If U’ve had Enough of Suffering – Yell HELP me God!

And Click on the #AllAboutU  Ugame Video to learn more #AllAboutU and God – To #SurviveWithPower – We’re praying for U right now #ProphetHendrickus of #Ourplace

The Tragedy of Just-In Trudeau

hendrickusofourplace GOD COMMENTS
The Tragedy of Just-In Trudeau

#GodSaid to me Attend Just-In Trudeau’s Liberal-Charade at the  PowerAde Coliseum!
I did along with 5,000 others!

God have mercy on Just-In Trudeau, his beautiful wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau,
his lovely three children and all those he is fooling with his Powerless-Promises!

He showed up 1 ½ hours late for his own party!

Freedom of Speech + Freedom of one’s Beliefs + Freedom of one’s Actions
are God-given right in God’s O Canada!

One of the most blessed nations on earth today!
If you do not believe that move to Syria for a while!

However, neither God, nor discerning voters and taxpayers are fooled by a #FreedomLiar!

That, according to God’s Requirements of Loving your Neighbours +
Respecting your Leaders is what little just-in trudeau is
a #FreedomLiar! He is a tragedy in the making!

Fortunately, his tragedy, like Macbeth’s,
is played out in the public political arena!

This sincere, but foolish young man is playing out
this Watch Me Papa-Pierre Final Act!

Fortunately, God is also merciful
and so should the discerning voters and taxpayers
of God’s O Canada be …
Very Merciful … to this #FreedomFool + #FreedomLiar!

Sooo … IF you Love God + Desire to Obey God +
Desire God to continue to Prosper You and Yours +
God’s O Canada + Desire to Vote October 19th

What should you Discerning Canadian Voter DO?

#AskGod to Give You His Suggestions On

1. The Best Person in Your Riding to Support + Vote For!
Not the party! Nor the party leader!

Vote for the most capable person to deliver
the needs of your riding!

2. Daily Praying for God’s O Canada +
Yourself + Yours + Your Neighbours!

3. God to give you the Courage + Conviction + Cash
to #LiveFree in God’s O Canada!

Then watch God bless you + yours +
his #Canada! Beyond your wildest dreams!

Remember, O Believing + Discerning + Taxpaying Canadians
you sing it so proudly every time Canada wins at anything! …
In your Canadian National Anthem!

God Keep Our Land Glorious + Free!

God is doing that, using his Discerning +
Obedient Canadian Children of all ages!

However, as necessary, God also uses the Rebels (against God) +
Mixers (more my way than God’s Way)

God keep our land of Canada Worthy + Free
from the world’s idiots + idols + little gods!
#ProphetHendrickus of #Ourplace