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YOUTH Are U Puzzled By Ur MORALS?

YOUTH are U puzzled by Ur MORALS?
As a result, youth are U puzzled by what is morally wrong and morally right?
For example when U see leaders like Trump or Trudeau “trick and treat” U to believe that they always know what is best for U !

Justin Trudeau greets Muslim youth

So why not ASK the ORIGINATOR of MORALS?
And get Ur morals from the author’s mouth?

Youth reaching to God for Moral Leadership

So ask God youth when Ur puzzled by Ur MORALS to help U every time U need to CHOOSE right from wrong?

God which next step is RIGHT for me? HELP me NOW to do what is morally right!
I really do not like SUFFERING needlessly with bad morals!

Help me, even in the smallest things, to do Ur Morally Right Thing

Than I’ll learn to also do what is morally right in the big things of my life!

Thank U God! That I can trust U to help me to do what is morally right every time!

I’ll try Ur morals today!

What’s Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence Today?

What’s Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence Today? And consequently how do U overcome it? At Ourplace we desire to help teens discover their dream life early! To start Ur Dream Journey today – One step at a time!

Whatever U do Ur the only U on earth
Overcome U Crisis of Confidence – Discover Ur Dream

When U start to be focused on overcoming Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence and living U dream life!

Experience has taught us that usually Ur Crisis of Confidence enters the process of discovering and living Ur dream life

This Crisis of Confidence can originate from; parents, lack of money, poor school results, debt or any number of other imagined or actual  influences

Crisis of Confidence Student Debt

Yet, most of us know in our gut what our dream is and what we need to sacrifice to get there That is to say discover our Dream Life sooner rather than later in our life

So, how do U identify + overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence today?

Three suggested steps to try:

Firstly take time to write out Ur Dream and what dilemma is holding U back?

Write out Ur Steps to ACT

Secondly get into ACTION and decide the first simple steps U can start on today to overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence and live Ur dream

Thirdly find a power greater than Ur self who U can trust and who’ll help U start taking those first “baby steps” towards Ur dream

Faith gives U a Power Greater than Ur self to overcome Ur #1 Crisis of Confidence

This power greater than Ur self can be Ur faith, or someone who’s living Ur dream and who will spend time with U on Ur Dream Journey!

Or perhaps an article or book wherein Ur first steps are described by someone who practices what they talk about

Selfie Ur Idol Teenagers Have Fun
Young Dreamers Overcoming their Crisis of Confidence

That’s it, Young Dreamers!
At Ourplace we’re praying for U and hope U’ll join us in living Ur Dream Life today and everyday! See U in God’s Dream Reality Land hendrickus of Ourplace

Young Lady – Are You Truly Happy?

hendrickusofourplace GOD COMMENTS

Young Lady – Are You Truly Happy?

Living the #Toronto multicultural – fast – #selfie lifestyle

Yet bills – self-absorbed men and women got U in #debt + #desperate    Maybe you’re a #DSS – Desperate Spiritual Seeker – Looking for Hope + True Happiness

 Had Enough of men + women hitting on U – Cause you’re so cuddly cute while in debt morally and in money

Still looking in Ur favorite Bars for a Sugar-Daddy or Momma – Just anyone who truly cares for the real you 

 Had Enough is Enough is Enough!

Try letting God feed your spirit + soul + body daily!

Get re-brainwashed to #SurviveWithPower  God’s Way

Yell #HELLPPP me God!

Click on this #AllAboutU #Ugame Video link

3 minutes to Save Your Life!

We’re praying for you, #ProphetHendrickus of #Ourplace

Ourplace Survive with Power

It’s AllAboutU + God to Survive

It’s AllAboutU + God to Survive in today’s mobile madness world of communication!

Do U need real power to deal with surviving in today’s mobile madness world in Ur life?
Do U need more money, a new job
loyal friends and a true love?

Tired of trying it Ur way?
Ready to try it – God’s Way!

Young man praying AllAboutU Prayer to God

Pray this Prayer of Power for the next 3 days!
Expect God to deliver Ur needs – God’s Way!
God cares All About U!

When God delivers …
Let others know Ur experience with Ur need being fulfilled God’s Way!

It’s #AllAboutU!


Live the # SEEES #LIFE
Means to live Ur life Simple + Elegant + Excellent + Easy +
Spiritually Peaceful everyday

#AskGod to help U live the #SEEES Life God’s Way – by God’s Power